Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Desert Snowstorm

Day 4
On the fourth day we left Horumbo and continued through the moorlands.  After a while we hiked into the desert on the mountain.  It was completely flat with almost no vegetation.  As we travelled along the trail the fog rolled in, then it started to snow!  We hadn’t expected snow at that altitude so we were all freezing.  Every once in a while our head guide would come up to us and brush off the mini snow banks that were accumulating on our hats!

When we arrived at Kibo Hut is was foggy and cold.  The hut is actually built right into the mountain and it was extremely damp.  When we got to our room you could see your breath!  We hung up all of our gear since it was soaking wet.  We ate lunch and then put on every dry layer of clothing we had and were bed by the afternoon.  We had to wear ear plugs because the chattering of our teeth was keeping us all awake. 

1 comment:

  1. Wow, Ear plugs to keep off the noise of your own chattering teeth. Thats funny. but i gues nothing is closer to funny at those temperatures.

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